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The Future of our reality spectrum - the evolution has just begun - part1

I truly believe that 20 years from now, our reality will be totally different, it is already happening, but all the dots are not connected yet, bigger steps of this evolution will start in 3-5 years. I am speaking and consulting about this future for years, It is like a Deja Vu, I have been talking about the future and the need to get ready since 1996 with the Internet and mobile but now it is different, this is going to be the biggest evolution human race ever had, I think it is time to share it with you. Think about all the big mass media revolutions in the past, Printing, Radio, TV... they all led to incredible changes in all aspects of life but if you stopped to think about it, the Internet had the biggest impact of them all, when it was launched, It changed our lives dramatically, It democratizes content. Books, radio and TV basically offered one direction of content, only several lucky people could publish a book, broadcast on a radio or appear on TV while millions of others could only become an audience. For the first time, this new medium enabled content to go both ways, The, it enabled the audience to become content creators, broadcasters, writers, and celebrities while being an audience too. The Internet also combined for the first time all the previous mediums (printing, TV, Radio) into one device so we could get it all and share it all in one place. Mobile took it a step further, all the content combined within the internet was now being viewed and created anywhere, not only at home or in the office, it could also be shared with everyone, instantly. We did not need to go back to where our computer was to edit, produce or view the content, we could do it all on our mobile screen.

The Big event is yet to come

We must acknowledge that every mass media changed everything, people, education, economy and more. Those who failed to recognize it in time were late or perished, it was like evolution itself as taken part in our reality.

Winston Churchill said once "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it", I agree but I prefer to combine it with my updated version of Charles Darwins quote: "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one who make sure to become more responsive to change."

Don't blame me for saying but don't buy any new TV device or computer screen after the year 2020, it will become extinct not later than 2030.

For decades, the human species have evolved to look and live in a 3D world but in the last 50 years, we got used to sitting on an office chair and gaze into this square source of light and pixels (a flat 2D monitor, TV or mobile screens) while trying to understand how 3D objects look inside a flat 2D canvas.

This is not what mankind should evolve too, this is not how we can achieve and get the best of our abilities, and this is not the best way to design, build and examine the world.

I believe that the real world with the advantages of the digital worlds is going to become one, this is going to affect everything, optimistically in a good way. The next mass media revolution will enable all the previous abilities and content to co-exist in our own real, 3D, intuitive environment, as part of our real life, streets, homes, nature or office. Remember the last revolution? Mobile? did you stop to think about all the changes we had in our lives just because of it? Now, think about the next big revolution, it is going to be the biggest ever, imagine pulling everything we know from within the digital media, tv, movies, games, data, connectivity, social, e-commerce, everything...... into our real world, not separated inside a frame of an iPhone or a computer screen or TV or even cinema, it is going to be there in your space, like MAGIC. Back to the future of reality

I am sure, I am excited and I can't wait to have magic in our world, combining the absolute real world with the infinite possibilities of the digital, imagine everything has layers of digital on it, combined with all aspects of vision, sound, physics, reality.

Imagine looking at a field of flowers, you can choose to learn about a specific flower, see a digital butterfly land on it, change its colors, share it, take the smell of the flower with you, learn where to buy a perfume with its smell, collect the butterfly and take it home, place it in your garden of butterflies that you have collect at home.

We will not need to design our homes visually with physical objects anymore, we can have pictures, colors, objects, animals, whatever size of TV screen on any wall, actually, everything we wish, interact with it, show it to any guest that visits our home (visit us physically or as a hologram), change our window's view, change our home to a spaceship ... I can continue all day ... but I will leave it for a crazy future blog I will write next time.

Try to understand, there is so much work to be done, so many businesses to build, so many ideas to invent, so many people are needed to transform their knowledge, their art, their data to the real world, It will be possible only if everyone takes part in it otherwise we will have 2D, framed, bad user interface, not intuitive content that will activate what we have now. This is what I was doing for the last 5 years, I think we are almost there, people can start to understand and become part of this future now, not when it will be everywhere, this is why I decided to build an AR/VR content creation tool and founded WakingApp 4 years ago instead of creating content by myself, teaching people how to fish is better that offering them one fish, and I truly am excited today more of what others will create, rather than only what I will. I will continue this blog in part 2, soon.... I will explain my concept of "the spectrum of reality", not only in vision but also in sound and touch, the changes of business and education, how we are going to be part of the reality spectrum and more.

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