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Alon Melchner

Personal Profile

Alon Melchner is a Mixed reality (augmented reality, virtual reality), a Future Tech Expert and a serial entrepreneur who believes that we are at the beginning of a digital reality revolution, possibly the greatest in history, as it will affect every aspect of our lives. 

Melchner sees a world where all aspects of human reality will be connected digitally and all digital consumption will be intuitive as part of the real world and not limited to square screens. Melchner believes that only when everyone will contribute their part in building this new medium content there will be enough to supply the demand that will be needed in just a few years and it goes far beyond current gaming and entertainment uses.

He consults, writes and speaks regularly (in China, USA & Europe) on the integration future technologies like AR, VR, and IoT into the daily human experience, the future jobs and business that will grow and how it is changing the way we will experience the world.

Melchner is serving as the Founder & CEO at Mixed.Place - a multi-patent technology company that creates an AR Cloud infrastructure to cover the world with digital content overlay of Mixed reality and a Board member of WakingApp, an AR/VR content creation platform he founded in 2012 to enables non-developers to easily create interactive AR/VR content and pursues his vision of the democratization of mixed reality content. 

Prior to founding WakingApp,
Melchner had a decade-long track record of forward thinking and leading human-technology interaction into the future, founding several successful digital agencies that pioneered the use of digital advertising, promotions and analytics systems.

His goal is to keep inventing, creating and teaching the innovative future.
Specialties: Show him what technologies you have and he will know what to do with it.




Founder & president

Melchner's dream was to enable everyone to create AR & VR without any programming skills so the world will be covered with digital layers.

Raised enough capital and later decided to become president and head of the strategic vision & technology (and hired a CEO) so he can design ENTiTi REALITY CREATOR.
ENTiTi is an innovative platform for augmented and virtual reality that enables anyone to create interactive and dynamic content with an amazing 3D engine without just by using drag and drop tools!

All content is instantly available online and integrated with any mobile device or leading smart glasses for VR/AR such as HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Epson Movario, Vuzix and others using our ENTiTi Viewer.


Founder & CEO

WakingApp your products with Augmented Reality, Visual recognition, motion detection and other technologies.

Competition is hard, many offer the same products and the market share is limited, why not have an EDGE over your competition?

We offer innovation and cutting edge solutions to upgrade your Books, games, advertisements, promotions, exhibitions, magazines and any other physical products by bringing them to life!
Creative and Technologies like Augmented Reality, Visual recognition, motion detection and other technologies we develop for mobile, PC, XBOX and other digital platforms.

So Upgrade now!


The first creative/technology digital agency

Melchner has founded an Interactive agency at 1996, as one of the first agencies in the world that offered strategic and creative services combined with unique home-made technologies for better results.

In 1998 he invented the first rich-media technology called Jump-Ad that offered a layer of animation above websites as an effective advertising system. Later, developed Jump-Out that made banners pop out of their borders and increased the effectiveness of the banners dramatically.

Melchner also developed one on the first real-time analytics system that offered advanced reports both to websites and to online campaigns that improved ROI dramatically.

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