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I am starting to share my visions about the "MAGIC" that is going to be part of our lives.

Whenever I am speaking in events or to thousands of people I realize again and again that most of us don't really understand how huge this Evolution is going to be. As a creative inventor, I already "see things" (not in a crazy way yet) I see how the CGI and digital are going to be combined in our world, everywhere, in everything, in every aspect of our lives.

There are no real examples yet so I have decided to share my visions with links to CG combine clips that when designed, the creators may not have dreamed it could become reality, I say, they will be soon.

Remember movies like Merry Poppins, Roger Rabbit, and many others that combined CG with the real world? imagine how amazing they will be when they will surround us, they will "exist" in our three-dimensional reality.

This is how the world will look like soon, this is the new reality that we will enjoy daily, no more flat screens, gazing at a mobile phone, it is exciting, endless possibilities.

I have started Mixed.Place to help make this "magic" a reality faster, make it available for everyone but we all must take action, we all need to understand and create a piece of this world so to help you understand it better I will share my thoughts, my experiences and my visions of how it will become part of everything... our home, our work, our education, our leisure.

New technologies have always created fear in people, I see that as an amazing opportunity, let us talk about it, share your fears, share your thoughts, share your excitement, let's talk about them together.

Imagine this one:

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